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Application and development trend of kraft paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-03-26
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        Kraft paper bags are now used for many purposes, such as clothing packaging, gift boxes and various paper bags, they are easy to carry, durable and not pollute the environment, and they are becoming more environmentally friendly products. Because of its good use characteristics, it has a good development trend.
        At present, the development of kraft paper bag machinery shows a trend of high efficiency, energy saving, recycling and intelligence. This should also be the mainstream development direction of Chinese paper bag machinery. Many packaging companies have now adjusted the structure of their products, and they should change the low-tech situation as soon as possible.
        Learning foreign advanced technology has its own core technology, developing and producing large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency, low consumption, production and elimination. According to the actual situation in China, develop appropriate paper bag equipment, speed up the upgrade of paper bag machines, and further develop the domestic and international markets. Only more efficient paper bag equipment is conducive to the promotion of paper bags.
        Now let's talk about the development purpose and significance of kraft paper bag machine. At present, there are two main types of kraft paper bag machines in the domestic market according to the paper feeding method: one is a roll-type portable paper bag machine; and the sheet-type portable paper bag machine. For these two types of equipment, it has the functions of automatic paper feeding, automatic gluing, automatic pasting of bottom and automatic output.
        However, this is the basic requirement of a paper bag machine. For today's higher requirements, there are still some shortcomings; first, after the finished paper bag is finished, there is a dent on the front of the paper bag, which does not look very beautiful; Need to manually paste the bottom paper on the bottom of the bag to strengthen the bottom of the paper bag. We are all impressed. If we don't use a backing paper, it breaks down easily. Third, it is not fully automated, the handle part needs to be manually pasted; fourth, the production efficiency is low, about 40-60 per minute; five, the paper range is limited, and the paper weight is between 70-200g / m2.

        Many of the aforementioned defects are also owned by other long-term paper bag machines. Therefore, the significance of solving these problems is huge. It can narrow the gap with the world's advanced level and promote the good development of China's paper bag equipment industry. The performance of the machine has improved, but the price is much cheaper than foreign products, and the product's competitiveness is also very strong.

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