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The main characteristics of the domestic packaging machinery industry

  • Publish Time: 2020-03-26
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        With the continuous development of the economy, the speed of technological upgrading has accelerated, and the pace of enterprise modernization has also changed rapidly. This will set off a new wave in the industry. At the same time, the products will also give us paper bags to increase packaging requirements. The machine company presents new challenges. If we want to achieve something in this industry, we should have the courage to open a new chapter for packaging companies. Let's take a look at them together.
        We can now see that more modern packaging equipment can greatly reduce the packaging cost of goods, provide more reliable packaging for goods, and do a better job in terms of standardization, accuracy and aesthetics of packaging. Quick start and fast development.
        At present, the industry has entered a period of product structure adjustment and innovation capabilities. Some packaging machinery has filled the domestic gap and can basically meet the needs of the domestic market. Some products are also exported. However, the overall situation is large but not strong, the quality is not high, the independent innovation capability is weak, and the international competitiveness is not strong. Compared with the international advanced level, the gap is not small.
        In the future, new packaging models with intelligent and automated functions will gradually replace traditional equipment. This is an effective way for packaging machinery enterprises to achieve sustainable development, and it is the ultimate goal of technological transformation for packaging enterprises. With the continuous development of industry, the powerful functions of smart packaging in protection, service, information, etc., have made it more and more widely used in medicine, food, daily chemicals and other fields, and have made paper bag production equipment in economic development. Wide application. The role played is more important.
        However, with the improvement of the degree of equipment automation, more and more computer control equipment is applied, and the number of various sensing elements, detection components, control components and actuators applied to the equipment is very large. China's packaging machinery industry can only innovate technology as soon as possible, be close to users, and independently develop equipment.

        To change the model that was only imitated in the past in order to make China's packaging industry and market develop healthily. Only by continuously innovating, can bag making equipment manufacturers clearly understand the development direction and continue to work hard in this huge market. Otherwise, they will face elimination.

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