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Stronger functions of the new food paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-03-26
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       In recent years, the demand for paper food bags has been increasing, and the corresponding packaging technology has also developed rapidly. In order to meet the needs of the market, we have developed more and more powerful food paper bag machines. Features, let's look at the details below.
        First of all, the current new food paper bag machine has high production efficiency, low energy consumption, high stability and reliability, greatly improved product shape, beautiful appearance, and long use time of basic components and accessories, although domestic P is used. Pneumatic and electrical components, but quality is also guaranteed. Based on foreign advanced packaging machinery technology, product transformation and innovation.
       Has a variety of control capabilities, such as remote control technology, stepper motor technology, information processing technology, etc. In today's world, packaging machinery is at the leading level in Germany, Italy, the United States and Japan. Of course, the production technology of Chinese paper bag machines has not reached the level of these countries.
        But we are now moving from low added value to high technology. In terms of product development, it has promoted the transformation of products from low value-added to high-tech content. In the case of meeting the needs of ordinary users, the development of high-end, high value-added, special user needs to lead the development of the industry, this is the best way out for China's packaging industry.

        In the production management of enterprises, enterprises have shifted from extensive to fine, and have improved production efficiency by improving processes and technological innovation. New breakthroughs leading the development of the industry. In terms of cultural construction, enterprises have moved from basic to civilized, deepened performance assessment, strengthened democratic management, enhanced corporate culture, and combined corporate profits with employee interests. Only in this way can we better enhance the staff's centripetal force and cohesion, and provide a strong driving force for the company's stable and healthy development.

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