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Paper tube machine staff safety precautions

  • Publish Time: 2020-01-11
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From the perspective of the working mode of the paper tube machine, in the relay control circuit, when the power is turned on, all the relays in the circuit are in a restricted state, that is, the pull-in relays are closed at the same time, and the relays that should not Certain conditions cannot be combined. This kind of working method is called parallel working method. The PLC's user program is executed in a cyclic order. Therefore, each soft relay is in a cyclic scan. The sequence of each relay subject to the same condition is determined by the program scan sequence. This working method is called serial. Way of working. 2. From the control method of the paper tube machine, the control logic of the electrical control system uses hardware wiring, and the control logic of the relay mechanical contacts is connected in series or parallel. The PLC uses computer technology, and its control logic is stored in the memory as a program. To change the control logic, you only need to change the program, so it is easy to change or add system functions.
1. Wear personal protective equipment properly. What you should wear must be worn, and what you should not wear must not be worn. For example, a female worker is required to wear a protective cap during paper tube machining. If she does not wear it, she may twist her hair. At the same time, it is required not to wear gloves. If it is worn, the rotating part of the paper tube machine may twist the gloves in and hurt hands.
2. The paper tube machinery and equipment must also undergo safety inspection in accordance with regulations during operation. The special paper tube machine is to see if the fastened object is loose due to vibration in order to re-tighten.
3. Before the operation, the paper tube machinery and equipment must be inspected for safety, and the truck must be run empty. After confirming that it is normal, it can be put into operation.
4. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with faults. Do not make use of it to prevent accidents.
5. When the paper tube machinery is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to adjust by hand; nor shall it be used to measure parts by hand, or to lubricate and clean up debris. If necessary, the machinery and equipment should be shut down first.
6. The knives, jigs, and processed parts used in paper tube machinery and equipment must be installed firmly and must not be loose.
7. The mechanical safety device must be used correctly in accordance with regulations, and it must never be removed and not used.
8. When the paper tube mechanical equipment is running, the operator must not leave the work post to prevent unattended disposal when problems occur.
9. After the work is completed, the switch should be turned off, the tools and workpieces should be withdrawn from the working position, and the work site should be cleaned up. The parts, jigs, etc. should be neatly arranged to clean the paper tube machinery and equipment.

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