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Structural principle and industry application of paper tube machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-01-11
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        The operating principle of the paper tube machine under different control systems is introduced:
        1. From the working mode of the paper tube machine, in the relay control circuit, when the power is turned on, all the relays in the circuit are in a restricted state, that is, the pull-in relays are closed at the same time. The relay is limited by certain conditions and cannot be pulled in. This kind of working mode is called parallel working mode. The PLC user program is executed cyclically in a certain order. Each soft relay is in a cyclic scanning scan. The sequence of each relay subject to the same condition is determined by the program scanning sequence. This working method is called serial work. the way. 2. From the control method of the paper tube machine, the control logic of the electrical control system uses hardware wiring, and the control logic of the relay mechanical contacts is connected in series or parallel. PLC uses computer technology, and its control logic is stored in memory in the form of a program. To change the control logic, only the program needs to be changed, so it is easy to change or add system functions. Paper tube machine adopts CNC computer numerical control system, SMS synchronous mobile cutting and cutting device, equipped with imported servo drive, can greatly reduce the resistance of the cutter to the paper tube during the cutting operation, and make the gap of the paper tube uniform. The blade of the paper tube machine adopts imported single circular knife cutting design, and the fully CNC-driven cutter (non-cylinder driven) achieves accurate cutting. Ultra quiet design of transmission part of paper tube machine (national patent), improve work efficiency!
        Application of paper tube machine in packaging industry
        At present, the beverage industry's degree of attention to aseptic cold filling production lines has reached a new level, and the use of aseptic cold filling equipment by beverage production enterprises has become an inevitable trend.

        The investment cost of aseptic cold filling production line has always been the concern of the beverage industry. With the continuous reduction of equipment costs by equipment suppliers, the investment cost of paper tube machines for aseptic cold filling production lines has been reduced to 1.5 of the hot filling line. ~ 1.6 times, and the supplier of domestic aseptic cold filling production line of paper tube machine has also matured continuously. Filling equipment Paper tube machine is the most core equipment on the production line. Whether the filling equipment can be quickly converted has attracted widespread attention from enterprises. Because when producing different products or different bottle types, the filling equipment will lose valuable filling time and reduce production efficiency due to the conversion of paper tube equipment.

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