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Introduction to the advantages of automatic paper tube machinery

  • Publish Time: 2020-01-11
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        In comparison, full-automatic paper tube machinery has many advantages, so it is more and more common in production. So do you know the specific advantages of the automatic paper tube machine? Next, we will introduce this content, hoping to facilitate your use.
        Advantage one: The operation of the automatic paper tube machine is more convenient. In fact, the device's operation panel has more than eighty function settings, so users can make corresponding adjustments according to production needs, which is not only more efficient and simpler to use.
        Advantage 2: The automatic paper tube machine has more complete functions. In practical applications, users can use this device to achieve automatic cutting operations and also to perform automatic tube dropping, which not only simplifies the operation process, but also makes the entire production process smoother.
        Advantage three: Under normal operating conditions, the automatic paper tube machine can perform automatic speed change and automatic recovery during the cutting action. Make users friends more at ease.
        Advantage four: In actual operation, if the production requirements need to be changed, the user can directly adjust on the operation panel of the automatic paper tube machine. Moreover, the device also has obvious energy-saving effects, which can save 30% to 60% of power.

        Advantage five: The precision of the automatic paper tube machine is higher. This is because the device uses dual infrared and automatic transmission systems, so during the cutting process, the length of the paper tube is very accurate and the cutting is also very accurate.

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