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Requirements for paper tube machine working

  • Publish Time: 2020-01-11
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        Paper tube machines have become very common and brought many conveniences for everyone. When operating paper tube machines, we must be careful and careful to avoid the problems of paper tube machinery and equipment, and at the same time, we can better serve the enterprise. Here is a brief introduction for everyone.
         Before using the paper tube machine, you should check the condition of the paper tube equipment, whether the electrical equipment and switches are good, whether the electrical circuits are insulated, whether the screws and nuts are tightened, whether the protective devices are safe, and lubricating oil is added at each refueling point. Open the car for 1-2 minutes and operate it only after the equipment is normal.
        When using a paper tube machine, do not allow your hand to enter the rotating mandrel to prevent crushing; when grinding, prevent the trousers from being caught in the paper loading shaft; pay attention to the abrasive cloth wheel when adjusting the machine tool of the tube winding machine. When the set length is reached, a slitting signal is issued without stopping, and the paper tube machine is dynamically slitting during the material movement.
        There are many things to pay attention to in the process of paper tube machine. How to operate the paper tube machine correctly and how to process the raw materials correctly? All of these need to be treated carefully to help improve the production efficiency.

        Paper tube machine performs dynamic slitting processing during material movement. The most important performance index of fixed-length slitting is the slitting accuracy, and the consistency of the finished length is better. Careful and careful operation of the paper tube machine can not only avoid the problems of paper tube machinery and equipment, but also better serve the enterprise.

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