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What aspects of paper tube machinery should pay attention to when starting up

  • Publish Time: 2020-01-10
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        When the paper tube machine is turned on, turn on the vacuum pump to verify the vacuum pressure, and turn on the air compressor to check the pressure of each part. After confirming that it is normal, switch on the air exhaust device of the edger and run the air. Turn on the rubber pump to check whether the amount of glue is normal. After all of them are determined to be normal, manual operation should be performed first to check whether each operating part is normal. If there is a fault, the fault should be eliminated first, and the operation can be carried out using semi-automatic operation after it is determined to be correct.

        The paper tube machine should check whether the cleanliness of the equipment and its working environment meets the working requirements. When we receive a new paper tube machine, we should unpack it for closer inspection. After disassembling the outer packaging, please pay attention to check it again, and then make sure that there is no problem before cleaning. We first clean up the anti-rust agent coated on the surface of the equipment and the internal debris such as iron filings, rust, and dust accumulated during transportation.

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