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Safety precautions when using the paper tube cutter

  • Publish Time: 2020-01-10
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Paper cutting tube machine is widely used in printing, packaging, leather, household, hardware and other industries. It is especially suitable for plastic or paper tubes used in labels, non-woven fabrics, films, tapes, etc. The surface of the cut paper tube is smooth and flat, no flanging, no lint, and can also cut paper tubes of different inner diameters, and can be adjusted according to your desired length within the effective range.
Safety precautions for paper tube cutter
Before operating the machine, please read the instruction manual carefully and pay special attention to the following safety precautions
1. The cuffs of work clothes should be fastened.
2. It is strictly forbidden to put your head and hands into the rotating part of the paper cutting machine.
3. Do not wear gloves during operation.
4. The surrounding environment of the paper cutting machine should be clean, tidy, and the light is suitable. No other sundries should be placed nearby to avoid inconvenience to the operator.
5. The product equipment, especially the rotary part of the paper cutting machine, cannot place everything such as workpieces, tools, etc.

6. The power must be cut off before maintenance.

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