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Application of paper tube machine in packaging industry

  • Publish Time: 2020-01-10
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        At present, the beverage industry's degree of attention to aseptic cold filling production lines has reached a new level, and the use of aseptic cold filling equipment by beverage production enterprises has become an inevitable trend.
        The investment cost of aseptic cold filling production line has always been the concern of the beverage industry. As equipment suppliers continue to reduce equipment costs, the investment cost of paper tube machinery and equipment for aseptic cold filling production lines has been reduced to that of hot filling lines. 1.5 to 1.6 times, and the suppliers of aseptic cold filling production lines for paper tube machinery and equipment have also matured.
        Filling paper tube machinery and equipment are the core equipment on the production line. Whether the filling equipment can be quickly converted has attracted widespread attention from enterprises, because when producing different products or different bottle types, the filling equipment will be converted due to the paper tube machinery and equipment. The precious filling time is lost and production efficiency is reduced.
        The main material of paper tube machines is metal materials. Recently, it has been said that the price of steel pipes has a downward trend. Will the price of paper tube machines also decrease?

        In fact, this is a bit far-fetched. First of all, the price of steel has fallen, but when we went to the market, in fact, the price was not as exaggerated as the news said, and it still did not drop much. The second is that the metal used by the slitter itself is not a lot. If it is calculated, the cost of a single slitter is indispensable.

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