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The specific steps of paper bag machine maintenance

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-04
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In order to be able to use the paper bag machine for a long time, we must maintain and maintain it on a regular basis, which will help extend its service life. When the paper bag machine is maintained, we must often clean it to ensure that it can be kept clean and tidy, and when it has problems, we must solve the problem in time.
The types of smooth grease can be roughly classified according to its hardness, pressure feedability, dripping point, water resistance and stability. When using the die-cutting machine, it is necessary to control the position of the operation panel, so that the pressure adjustment and tilt adjustment of the die-cutting board are safer and easier to operate, and it can be adjusted at any time when it is turned on.
The application range of smooth grease is very wide, and the working conditions are also very different. Different mechanical equipment has very different requirements for the function of smooth grease. The function of slick grease is the summary performance of the composition of slick grease and its preparation skills. The evaluation of the function of smooth grease is not only of decisive significance in the production and research work, but also in the selection and inspection of the smooth grease by the application department. According to the specific conditions of the grease parts of cars and construction machinery, the basic requirements for smooth grease are: proper consistency, outstanding high and low temperature functions, outstanding extreme pressure, anti-wear properties, outstanding water resistance, corrosion resistance, rust prevention and stability Sex etc.
The die-cutting pressure adjustment of the usual die-cutting machine of the paper bag machine is to use the upper adjustment method and the lower adjustment method, which is to adjust the upper part of the paper or the lower part of the paper. Because from the point of view of skills, it is difficult to keep the paper feeding at the same level if the two-seater die-cutting is used for adjustment. For the same adjustment of the inclination of the die-cutting board, it is also possible to select the upper adjustment method, which has the same reason. Manufacturers are choosing machines, especially those with double die cutting bases, to consider this aspect.
Paper bag machine hardness, or penetration, is a measurable characteristic that must be considered for the selection of appropriate smooth grease. The hardness of lubricating grease is determined by the number. No. 0 is the softest, and then increases to No. 6 with No. 1 and No. 2. The hardness of No. 6 is the same as that of Panjian block. The mud in the garden is soft when shoveled in easily, harder to shovel in, and the hardness of the smooth grease is the same. It is graded according to the penetration depth of the smooth grease dropped from a certain height by the cone gauge. It is necessary for printing machinery to participate in smooth grease of appropriate hardness according to the printer manufacturer's request, otherwise it may cause lack of smoothness or increase resistance to the machine.

Traditionally, the planning and production of smooth grease only focused on the unity problems faced by perfunctory machinery and equipment. Such as high temperature, high speed, high pressure or anti-wear. Later, due to the request of machinery manufacturers and increased competition in shopping malls, the production of smooth grease gradually tended to move in a multi-functional direction. However, ordinary petroleum products always have their limits in use, and they have not been able to effectively meet the rapid development requests of modern production equipment. Although it is not easy to choose the right smoothing agent, there are also some professional smoothing agent suppliers in the shopping malls that can provide professional data and long-term after-sales service to reduce customers' mistakes in use and prevent waste of precious time and money. We might as well listen to the opinions of industry insiders, I believe it will help protect the outstanding features of the printer.

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