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What are the steps of paper bag machine production

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-04
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Paper bags are not only very convenient to carry, but also can be used to store items. It has a wide range of applications, which promotes the development of paper bag machines, which can make paper bags well. When the paper bag machine is used to produce paper bags, the raw materials used are generally virgin pulp or recycled paper, and manufacturers will choose raw materials according to specific needs.
Today, the printing expert informs you that you should do this when printing tote bags.
1. Commonly used paper for handbag printing
1. Most of the papers used for handbag printing are 157g/㎡, 200g/㎡ coated paper, in addition, 120g/㎡, 140g/㎡ white or yellow kraft paper is also compared.
If the handbag needs to be loaded with heavier goods, there are also 300g/㎡ coated paper or 300g/㎡ or more cardboard. If you want to further strengthen the strength of the handbag, you can cover it according to your needs, contact the planning of the handbag, and cover it with a layer of bright or matte film to show the exquisiteness of the handbag.
2. White kraft paper has strong toughness and environmental protection. Recently, it has been increasingly used in the printing and manufacturing of handbags.
3. The color expressiveness of the coated paper is relatively strong, so the planning style of the handbag can also be unique. In terms of printing technology, all the technologies in modern printing can be expressed on a small handbag.
2. Paper bag planning
When planning a handbag, the primary focus may be on how to make the handbag planning special and exquisitely printed, which can leave a deep image. Nowadays, the features such as being able to be used repeatedly and having environmental protection features are among the main points considered by planners.
Corporate handbag planning usually requires conciseness and generosity. The front of the handbag planning and printing process is usually based on the company’s logo and company name. Perhaps with the company’s operating philosophy, the planning should not be too messy, which can deepen consumers’ perception of the company or products. To obtain a good publicity effect, the planning and printing of handbags has a great effect on expanding sales, establishing famous brands, and influencing purchasers to enhance competitiveness.
Three, paper bag scale
Many commodity handbags are only arbitrarily manufactured based on the scale of their commodities. Usually many commodities are produced and processed without considering the scale of the handbag when it is packaged, so it cannot be prevented from being printed in the handbag. It will be spoiled.
When planning bags for customers, printing factories should be as close to their standards as possible, and they should also try to prevent their unnecessary waste.
For example: the scale of the front facing: 400*300*80 (mm), this scale is not spoiled, a full-open paper can be made into two bags, and the printing is also cost-effective, and it can be printed with a facing machine. .If the customer wants to make the scale of 400*320*100 (mm), this is a large scale, and it is not spoiled, but if it is made to be 400*300*150 (mm), then Nothing, the spoilage is relatively large. One is the paper, and the other is the printing. The post-processing costs are also higher, because the handbag of this size can only be made into a double-sticky mouth.
Fourth, paper bag forming
By laminating the film after printing, and then punching and threading (usually nylon rope or cotton rope, some thin paper bags often use paper rope), the handbag can be formed (such as the large printing scale of the handbag, the rope hole Reinforce the rivets to resist tension).
It can be seen that the production technology of handbags is not messy, and the process of just stringing usually requires manpower to complete. Therefore, compared with other printed products, the technical process is slightly messy, which also increases the cost of handbags.

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