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Five management mechanisms help you manage the production process of the paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-04
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When managing the production process of the paper bag machine, there are five management mechanisms that can help us, which is conducive to improving the quality of the paper bag machine. When making the paper bag machine, it must be made strictly in accordance with certain standards, and the production tools must be checked regularly. This not only improves the efficiency of the paper bag machine, but also avoids errors in the production.
The first point: Don’t make mistakes just because there are inspection tools. The inaccurate measurement of the inspection fixture will cause errors in the paper bags generated by all paper bag machines. To find a way to design your molds and fixtures so that workers can only place the workpieces to be processed in the only and correct way that you design and have no other choices. Let the mold or fixture control the operation of the worker, don't expect the worker to control the mold or fixture. Because no matter how many times you tell workers what to do, some people will listen, but most people won’t. Regarding the inspection of the machine and equipment of the calibration fixture every day as a work that must be done, a responsible person must be assigned, and a work that must be personally inspected by the department head, and records must be kept.
The second point: Don't guess in your daily management work, no matter when you ask what kind of questions, you will almost always get the appropriate answer, however, in fact, no one really knows the truth of the problem. Don't simply take the response you get as the correct answer. You must train your employees continuously and witness with your own eyes that they are doing things right. Internal audits must be conducted and a comprehensive internal audit system must be established to ensure that workers comply with the factory’s standard operating procedures. The laboratory test in the factory must be scientific and reliable, and the test record must be able to trace the parts and products on the production line according to the test date and batch number, otherwise, the test results of the laboratory are the same as the sample test Up. If they cannot reflect the quality level of mass production, the significance of testing will be lost, and the quality of mass production will lose its guarantee.
The third point: the perfect paper bag machine standard
Regardless of whether your customers require it or not, you should adopt high standards for yourself, and don't make excuses for your failure to make a "perfect" product. Even if some products are not 100% perfect due to hand-made reasons, if you use this reason to lower the standard, then everyone in your subordinates will lower their standards. If your goal is 100% perfection, and you work hard in accordance with this goal from all aspects, the quality of the final product will be more in line with the goal of 100% perfection. Pursue high standards, abandon low standards, start with you, from managers at all levels to ordinary workers, change their concepts, learn to set and pursue high standards
Fourth point: 5s work area standard
 This is an old-fashioned problem. It separates the work areas that are prone to product dust from those areas that must be kept clean, and requires all workers to wash their hands after eating and going to the toilet before returning to work. Wear a hair cover or a work cap before starting to work to prevent hair from falling on the product. In certain specific processes, all workers, including management personnel, are required to wear gloves to ensure that the work area is free of rats and insects. Before the end of the work day, give workers 10-15 minutes to clean up their work area (cleaning time is included in working hours and paid). In this way, they can work in a clean environment when they go to work the next day, and they can develop good site cleaning management habits for workers.
Fifth point: A reasonable working environment will reduce staff errors
Don't expect workers to control the environment, and don't expect workers to obey. Appropriate methods are adopted to make workers’ work easier and easier, so as to improve product quality, enhance product process stability, reduce errors, and install pads on all work surfaces, carts, shelves, etc. Reduce damage to parts and products during online assembly and packaging. If the liner is worn out, it must be replaced in time. The liner must be protected where it is needed, and it cannot be found in some places, and in some places, it is necessary to do everything required and check it in place . Provide workers with suitable and good-quality tools so that they can do their work well, and ensure that workers’ workstations have good lighting so that they can see clearly what they are doing.
Sixth point: Excellent on-site feedback mechanism

This means that you should allow and encourage your workers to speak, provide opinions, point out problems, and don’t let employees think: "Only the boss can speak" or "The boss is always right." Encourage and reward your employees to provide opinions and suggestions to prevent problems instead of concealing and concealing problems when they are discovered. If employees help the factory reduce waste and rework labor losses, give them material rewards to praise And encourage them (her). Do not use intimidation, hierarchical management, or fines, abuse, insults and other typical Chinese management methods. In this way, there is no willingness to speak, and the willingness to express opinions, errors will continue, and problems will continue to occur. This open and non-open level management style can only be started from the top, and other levels of management must also learn this style.

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