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The advantages of the roll type four-corner square bottom paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-01
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The automatic hand square bottom paper bag machine is a single-sheet paper, roll-type head card and paper rope as raw materials, which can complete the manufacture of handles, stick the handles, fold the mouth, form a tube, form an organ, seal the bottom, and compact in one time. Or stick the head card, fold the mouth, form a tube, form an organ, perforate corns, seal the bottom, and compact and form two perfect processes. One machine and two uses, excellent value for money. Especially suitable for outsourcing handbag production of clothing, footwear, sports brand or luxury brand.
Fully automated production is truly realized, directly out of bags and packaged to customers.
The flat-sheet four-corner square-bottom paper bag machine is to make the printed single-sheet paper through the machine to complete the bag at one time. It has paper feeding from the single sheet, vertical pressure line, top glue, tube forming, horizontal pressure line, open bottom, and bottom Gluing, folding square bottom, paper bag pressing and forming finished products, etc. are fully automatic production functions. The HD-180 paper bag machine has obvious advantages in producing thinner paper and high speed. It has strong high-speed production stability and extremely convenient debugging. It is an ideal equipment for large printing plants and paper bag manufacturers.
It is suitable for the production of environmentally friendly paper bags, food paper bags (chestnut belt, bread belt), gift belts and cosmetic paper bags with paper as raw materials.
Automatic food paper bag machine This machine is a new generation of high-speed machine developed by our factory based on the original food paper bag machine and through the efforts of all our employees. It is an ideal equipment for producing food paper bags, bread paper bags and various non-staple food paper bags.

The crystallization of all paper bag machine products at home and abroad. This machine automatically hydraulically feeds primary colors or printed webs from the machine, glues the top, makes the tube, cuts, bottoms indentation, bottoms glue, bag bottom forming, and produces the finished bag. The computer central control system, the process is controlled by The man-machine interface touch screen display, PLC control, the length of the paper bag is controlled by the servo motor, and the finished paper bag of various specifications can be produced. It can produce 220 bags at the fastest per minute, which greatly reduces labor costs. It is an ideal partner in your business.

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