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What are the excellent characteristics of the adjustable roll square bottom paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-01
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The adjustable roll square bottom paper bag machine is used to make square bottom paper bags from the tube material. It uses the machine to complete the top gluing, raw materials into a tube, cutting, bottom indentation, bottom gluing, and bagging. The bottom is formed and the bag is discharged. It is an ideal equipment for producing food bags and handbags.
The whole machine is controlled by a computer central control system, touch screen display, servo motor controls the length of the bag, and can produce paper bags of various specifications.
The machine can adapt to the range of paper, up to 230 bags per minute, or even higher speed, to help customers effectively increase unit production capacity and obtain more profits. Operation control system   touch screen man-machine interface, regardless of correction, fine-tuning can be easily solved.
Alarms and operating status are displayed on the screen instantly for easy control. Unwinding system  The material loading and unloading adopts pneumatic shaft clamping and hydraulic lifting structure.

The unwinding adopts automatic constant tension control, EPC automatic correction, and variable frequency motor traction, which greatly reduces the paper roll registration adjustment time. Perfect after-sales service, eliminating customers' worries. Accurately track printed materials, greatly reduce machine adjustment and setting time, and improve production efficiency.

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