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What are the performance characteristics of the roll paper automatic square bottom paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-01
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Automatic roll paper square bottom paper bag machine uses base paper or printed roll paper as raw materials to complete square bottom paper bags with handles simultaneously. It is an ideal equipment for producing square bottom paper bags with handles. The machine uses the handle component to make the paper rope and the patch roll paper into a handle, and then sends the handle to the sticking unit through a conveying device.
After the sticking unit cuts the original color or printed roll paper at the sticking position, gluing the sticking position, and automatically sticking the handle, the host machine will glue the paper with the handle to form a paper tube. , Cutting, bottom indentation, bottom coating, bag bottom forming and conveying out of the bag.
The whole machine is controlled by the computer central control system, the running status is displayed and controlled by the touch screen, and the length of the bag is controlled by the servo motor, which ensures that the machine can produce various specifications of portable paper bags. The unwinding of the raw paper adopts a hydraulic lifting structure and a convex key type air shaft charging method.
Automatic deviation correction and automatic constant tension control; with material change warning, paper break and shutdown device. The handle machine is an independent unit, and the servo drive is synchronized with the host. The length of the handle rope can be adjusted accordingly according to the specifications of the paper bag. The placement position is cut off and the placement position is glued using servo drive, which is controlled synchronously with the cutting of the host; the placement position is glued using a roller transfer method. Pneumatic pressing wheel is used to press the handle to make the handle fit tightly to the paper bag.

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