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Causes of problems with paper bag machine equipment and maintenance measures

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-01
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Paper bag machines often have some problems, we need to understand the reasons for these problems. If there is an error in the length of the cut bag, we need to lock the rubber roller, and then check whether the film is clamped in the rubber roller. Secondly, we need to observe whether the feeding speed is too high. If it is too high, we need to reduce the feeding speed in time. There are errors in the length of the cut bag.
①First, "lock the shaft" of the feeding rubber roller, and pull the film hard to see if it is not clamped in the feeding rubber roller. If it is not clamped, properly adjust the pressure of the feeding roller until the film cannot be pulled.
②Whether the "feeding speed" is too high, reduce the "feeding speed" appropriately.
③Whether the clamping device of the rear bread red cloth clamps too tightly, adjust appropriately. If it cannot be clamped too tightly, it is better to pull the film gently.
④Try to loosen or tighten the aluminum gantry tube.
2. The length of the cut out bag is the same, but it is not satisfied with the set value
①Press "2" to enter the password in the computer standby mode? Enter the actual length for correction
3. The bag is not sealed tightly or one side is not strong
①Whether the temperature is set properly: LDPE material is above 280°, BOPP material is above 320°
②Adjust the position of the heat sealing knife
③Check whether the conveyor belt is pulling the material too early. The upper conveyor belt should be closed just after the heat-sealing knife leaves the silicone roller 20mm-25mm high.

④Check the transmission bearing of the upper conveyor belt

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