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Problems facing the paper bag machine equipment industry

  • Publish Time: 2020-08-27
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Now China’s paper bag machine industry is facing major adjustments. For the entire industry, this is not only a huge challenge, but also a new development opportunity. Under such circumstances, we must make the equipment meet the needs of people nowadays. To highlight the safety, environmental protection, and green characteristics of paper bags, let's take a look at the characteristics of paper bag machines.
Green is now being promoted by many industries. As a manufacturer of people's daily necessities and equipment, we should do this more. Realizing the sustainable development of the packaging industry has become the consensus of the paper packaging industry at home and abroad. An important environmental issue for paper packaging is the use of glue. How to make a cardboard into a gift box, the indispensable is to use glue.
The quality of glue and environmental protection are often not paid attention to by everyone. Most of the attention is focused on whether the gift box is beautifully printed, how the paper is, whether it is strong, whether it is atmospheric, but the real environmental protection issues involved are ignored. Up. In some non-environmentally conscious manufacturers, production workers work in production workshops with unpleasant gum smells every day. This is because the materials used are contaminated. If we use such materials to produce paper bags for people to use, we must It will affect people's health.

At present, my country has no regulations on the use of glue for edible packaging materials and the corresponding national standards. There are many types of glue on the market, including yellow glue, white glue, so-called water-based glue and jelly glue. There are many different names for glue. The future development direction of paper packaging is that the packaging paper, cardboard and box board tend to be high-quality and lightweight. We can understand that in the future, the quality of paper packaging bags will reach a higher level. For a long time, paper packaging will be a leading packaging material.

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