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Structural operation method of laminating machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-07-30
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1. Professional multi-function laminating machine, which can do various work such as thermoplastic, cold laminating, low temperature cold laminating, thermal laminating, etc., suitable for graphic mounting and binding cover mounting;
2. The pressure and height of the rubber roller can be adjusted integrally on one side; the internal heating type double roller heating, intelligent constant temperature;
3. Light touch operation buttons, free temperature setting, 9 speed adjustment, LED digital display;

4. The upper and lower roll film supports can be heightened, and large roll thermal film can be installed to avoid the inconvenience caused by frequent replacement of roll film. The tension of the upper and lower roll film and the left and right sides of the roll film can be adjusted separately to ensure that each Laminating effect of various materials;

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