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How to reduce the amount of film when laminating machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-07-30
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1. The product to be constructed on the laminating machine must be straight. Deal with uneven paper with "ruffles" and "tight edges". "Ruffle edge" paper can be baked, and "tight edge" paper can be hung.
2. Be sure to wait for the blot to dry before covering it, otherwise it will cause blistering or hairiness.
3. Spray powder as little as possible during printing, otherwise it will cause emptiness and blistering at the pile of powder. The powder spraying should be removed before laminating, the ones with more prints can be hung to remove the powder, and those with less prints can be wiped manually.

4. Pay attention to the direction of paper strands when laminating machine, especially thick paper, to reduce the curling phenomenon of paper due to rolling and stretching.

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