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Market demand development of trademark laminating machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-07-30
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Due to the heat of the image, the color of the image of the plastic laminating machine will be stronger than that of the water transfer, and it will not fade easily. It has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, and It has the characteristics of grinding, high temperature resistance, fire resistance, and can keep the color for ten to decades. Therefore, the thermal transfer technology is especially suitable for appliances, daily necessities, building materials and other objects that have special requirements for image retention. For example, thermal transfer technology can be used to print trademarks, barcodes, and labels on commodities.

In terms of market demand for trademark laminating machines, with the continuous development of the commodity economy, various manufacturers and departments have higher and higher requirements for the trademark, label and packaging beauty of their own products. For the printing industry, the concept of printing is no longer The traditional paper in people's impression is printed. From our daily necessities to office appliances, to products in various industries such as telecom, decoration, and craftsmanship, we need more, better and more practical external packaging, and most of these packaging are realized by transfer printing. , So the transfer industry has a very broad and deep market space.

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