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The difference between the materials used in the hot and cold laminating technology of the laminating machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-07-30
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The film used in the thermal laminating process of our laminator mainly includes polyester film and polypropylene film. Generally, polypropylene film is used when covering thinner films, and thicker polyester film can be used for printed products that require additional protection. Material market. The price of polyester film is more expensive than polypropylene film, but it has high strength and can protect the printed products better. If both sides of the printed product need to be laminated, it is best to use polyester film equipment consumables. In the lamination of digital printing products, it is mainly necessary to avoid problems such as curling of the printed product after lamination in Central China. Therefore, if conditions permit, cover both sides of the printing material as much as possible; if only one side of the paper is coated without the other side, curling is very easy to occur. However, it should be noted that only single-sided lamination can be applied to the cover of the perfect binding book. Never cover the second and third front cover, otherwise the book block and the cover cannot be firmly bonded to the printing technology.
Secondly, we also need to figure out the following two questions before laminating:
1. What problem do you plan to solve for the customer?
2. Where are the technical points of the laminator?
Printers use both cold adhesive and hot adhesive technologies to complete large-volume laminating work. They can use one technology alone or a dual system. Generally speaking, hot-adhesive film is the most common and the cheapest. It is divided into three different types of film materials: polyester (PET), polypropylene (OPP) and nylon.

In order to make the product of the laminating machine not wrinkle after folding, you can choose OPP film. Regarding the selection of laminating materials, since laminating may affect the color reproduction of digital printed products, this is mainly because the films used in laminating are not necessarily 100% packaging machines or transparent films, so the color balance influential.

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