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Accuracy requirements during the operation of the automatic laminating machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-05-21
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       The precision of the automatic laminating machine is very high during the work process. Once a little spots, scratches, tortuous deformations or fine cracks will affect the processing quality of the product, even the automatic laminating machine will not work properly. jobs. So it is very important to maintain the machine carefully. Maintenance starts with basic little things. The automatic laminating machine should always check whether there is rubber or grease on the rubber roller, and wipe off the rubber marks and dust in time to ensure that the surfaces of the two rollers are clean and dark. It is necessary to keep the surface of each roller clean every day. After using the machine each time, it is necessary to clean the machine immediately, rinse with glue thinner and wipe the rollers with a soft towel. It is strictly forbidden to scrape the surface of the roller with a sharp tool. Every time the machine is turned on, the dust on the surface of each roller should be wiped off. Computer bronzing machine and check whether the surface of each roller of the machine is dark. If the machine has shortcomings or abnormal movements, it should be analyzed in time to find the reason and be eradicated. After the standby device is normal, the machine can be used continuously. The blade line of the scraper blade of the automatic laminating machine should be flat and flexible. When there are signs of detour, teeth, curling, etc., it should be trimmed and replaced in time, and replaced according to the original standard scale. It is necessary to add lubricating oil to each transmission part and sliding surface of the machine regularly to ensure that the machine is in a smooth state, especially the large bearing of the pressing roller is suffering from high pressure and high temperature, and the smooth oil is randomly evaporated and lost. , So that it can be normally responsible under high temperature and high pressure. Fully active laminating machine floor template support, using a steel pipe bracket composed of couplings and steel pipes, and gradually expanded into a fastener-type steel pipe bracket, because this bracket has simple processing, disassembly and assembly, flexible transfer, easy to use, and strong versatility. And other features, and soon spread to the whole country and the world.

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