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Structural features of automatic laminator and some inspections before use

  • Publish Time: 2020-05-21
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        The automatic laminating machine is for laminating the surface of printed products, such as books, posters, color box packaging, handbags, etc. In response to the continuous improvement of global environmental awareness, oil-based lamination will be gradually replaced by water-based lamination. The new hot knife automatic laminating machine designed by our company is mainly for PET film. After laminating, not only can it directly enter the next process, but also the brightness and stiffness are relatively good. Exquisite packaging for cosmetics, cosmetics, high-end nutritional supplements and foods.
        The four most commonly used laminating processes in laminating machines in China today. Of course, among the laminating machines in China, the most common is water-based dry coating. Water-based dry-drying is to dry with coating glue and heat-recovering, and then slitting to paper collection. This laminating process should be the most versatile and popular laminating process in China; the second is the pre-coating film, which is a kind of glue itself already on the film, and then the paper comes in and heated with a roller, and then the film The glue above dissolves and sticks out. The third type is water-based wet-recovery. This process is a process in which the glue is not dried, but the paper is directly passed (only the pressure is not applied) and then rolled up. After it is naturally cured, the glue is absorbed by the paper and then pulled off. The fourth is the hot melt adhesive laminating process. All the previous three technologies have been covered by Tiancen and there are various models such as manual, semi-automatic and automatic. To put it simply, the core technology and competitiveness of Tiancen's automaton is to have hot knife cutting technology. At present, among all cutting, punching, flying knife, chain knife, hot knife and other technologies, hot knife is the most advanced technology in the world. The fastest speed and the most stable slitting. After slitting, the laminating product has no tail film and no film debris, which is the most ideal slitting method. Tian Cen uses this hot knife technology on water-based dry compound rubber, and uses hot knife slitting. The slitting needs to be very accurate, and the error of 1 or 2 mm cannot occur. Therefore, the precision of the machine manufacturing is very high. In the process of marketing and operation, customers are very interested in machines, especially high-end customers, because in the future the development trend of films, from the perspective of environmental protection and the quality of the film still need to use PET film. Nowadays, the majority of OPP films are on the market. OPP films can be cut off with a disc knife, and PET films are constantly pulled, and the entire film must be cut. Therefore, customers are very concerned about hot knife cutting technology.
        The head of the automatic laminating machine adopts the feeder head automatic paper feeding system, the pressing steel rod adopts the hot oil circulation heating system, the compound pressure adopts the pneumatic device, the electrical system adopts PLC programming control, and the cutting system is equipped with knife and rotation Flying knife slitting device, the back of the laminating machine is equipped with an automatic paper collection system, the whole machine occupies a small area, has a high degree of automation, simple operation and high stability.
        Pre-use inspection and analysis of automatic laminating machine:
        The automatic laminating machine is best to regularly check whether there is glue or grease on the rubber roller, and wipe the rubber traces and dust on the roller in time. Ensure that the appearance of the two rolls is washed black. The surface of each roller must be cleaned. Not only is it necessary to clean the machine immediately after using the machine each time. Wash with glue thinner and wipe the rollers with a soft towel. It is strictly forbidden to scrape the surface of the drum with a sharp tool. Every time the machine is turned on, the surface dust of each roller should be wiped off. Computer bronzing machine and check whether the appearance of each roller of the machine is black, when the machine shows defects or abnormal dynamics, it is necessary to analyze and find the reason and eradicate it in time, and wait until the machine is normal before allowing it to continue to operate.

        The blade line of the scraper blade of the automatic laminating machine should be flat and flexible. When the appearance of detours, teeth, curling, etc. should be trimmed and replaced in time, use 0.15 ~ 0.20 mm manganese steel skin or the blade of the offset press, press Exchange the original standard. Lubricant should be added to the transmission parts and sliding surfaces of the machine on time to ensure that the machine is in excellent lubrication conditions. Especially the large bearings of the pressure rollers are subject to high pressure and high temperature, and the lubricant is evaporated and thrown away at will. High temperature lubricating oil, so that it can operate normally under high temperature and high pressure. The floor formwork support of the automatic laminating machine uses the steel pipe bracket composed of the connection piece and the steel pipe, and gradually opens up perfectly as a fastener type steel pipe bracket.

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