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What are the specific parts of the automatic laminating machine?

  • Publish Time: 2020-05-21
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        1. The glue part. The gluing part is equipped with an adjusting device to adjust the amount of gluing to meet the requirements of different printed parts. The gluing roller adopts rubber roller or steel roller.
        2. Drying part. The drying tunnel is generally 2 ~ 3m long. The drying tunnel entrance of the laminating machine is provided with an infrared lamp tube and an electric fan. The upper part of the drying tunnel of the automatic laminating machine also has a high-power electric heating tube and an exhaust fan, and the temperature can be adjusted to dry the adhesive and eliminate the exhaust gas.
        3. Hot pressing part. This part is the key to the fully automatic laminating machine, which is directly related to the adhesion fastness of the laminating products. The principle of hot pressing is that the adhesive can quickly infiltrate and penetrate into the surface layer of the printed matter in the molten state, so as to obtain a strong bonding interface layer. The hot pressing part is composed of a group of rollers. One of the hollow metal rollers is equipped with an electric heating tube, and the temperature can be controlled automatically. The pressure of this group of rollers can be adjusted.
        It is concluded that the laminating machine is composed of three parts: gluing, drying tunnel and hot pressing. For gluing, it mainly uses an adjustment device to adjust the amount of gluing to meet different needs. The drying tunnel mainly uses electric heating tubes and fans to complete the drying of the adhesive on the drying tunnel of 2 to 3 meters. Hot pressing is mainly to obtain a firm interface layer and achieve the purpose of being durable.
        The main problems with the covers and sheets after being coated with instant coating are:
        The surface blisters, wrinkles, uneven bending, separation and separation, and not easy to store, etc. These quality problems have not been solved for many years, the reasons are also many, such as:
        1. The effect of different paper types.
        2. The influence of different ink colors.
        3. Different climate effects.
        4. Influence of environment and conditions.
        5. Enterprises lack the influence of scientific management.

        6. The impact of personnel quality.

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