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Cutting method of laminating products of laminating machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-05-21
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        The first slitting method is to punch a hole on the film after the film is coated and then break it. This method is suitable for manual machinery.
        The second is the hot knife slitting we want to introduce:
        1. Hot knife slitting technology is suitable for all films, especially PET film, aluminized film, etc. It is characterized by high slitting speed, precise slitting, no tail film, and can smoothly enter the next process without adding labor.
        The film laminating machine of this slitting method is suitable for the packaging of high-grade carton, such as the exquisite packaging of high-grade alcohol, cosmetics, high-level nutrient supplements and food.
        2. The hot knife active laminating machine can directly make gold and silver cardboard. Gold and silver cardboard of various colors are widely used on the delicate packaging of many alcoholic and cosmetic products. The cost of these gold and silver cardboard is relatively high. Aluminium-coated film can be directly laminated to various types of gold and silver cardboard in the hot knife laminating machine. A sum of money.
        3. The hot knife active vertical laminating machine can also make colorful glue directly. At present, a new bright spot has emerged in the field of laminating ---- colorful laminating adhesive, its birth adds a bright color to the laminating technology.
        The third cutting method is to use a "chain knife", but there are tail film, broken film, especially thick paper, the tail film is more significant, which has an impact on the next process.
        The fourth slitting method is to use a fast-rotating flying knife to cut a gap in the coated product, and then pull it off, but the laminated product is not accurate, and it simply presents scrap.

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