PLC Controlled Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine

PLC Controlled Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine

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The machine is mainly used to slit and rewind stick paper, craft paper, fluting paper, thermal paper and other kinds of paper rolls, thickness range from 30-500gsm.
Main mechanical configuration:
1, Main body unit:
1. Machine’s main body adopts cast iron and steel structure.(cast iron after secondary operation and setting treatment)
2. Main driving roller adopts seamless steel pipe (after tempering, surface hardening, chrome plated,mirror surface, dynamic balance treatment)
3. Main driving press roller adopts seamless steel pipe.
4. Material guide rollers adopts steel rolls (aluminum alloy) and rubber roll (nitrile-butadiene rubber)
5. Driving mode of main body and rewind shafts adopt synchronizing wheel and belt.
2, Unwinding unit:

1. Unwind unit adopts separate structure. Adopt hydraulic shaft less arm system to clamp and lift jumbo rolls, improving efficiency and reducing labour intensity;

the jumbo roll paper core can be 3-12’’.

2. It adopts removable bracket with guide rail.
3. 1 set bias adjustable device can fine tune left and right, forward and backward through hand wheel.
4. Unwind tension’s actuator is 2 set Italy brand RE pneumatic brake, through PLC and proportional valve to achieve a constant tension.
5. EPC uses TAIWANESE brand PAUSOURCE corrective device, it can achieve guide function by material’s edge.
3. Rewinding unit:
1. Shafts adopt 3 inch air shaft,
2. Rewind tension’s actuator is 2 sets steel roller 400mm diameter and cooperate with press arm to control.(each roller connect with 1 motor and 1 gear box)
3. Good quality Banana rollers for spreading the paper rolls.

4. Slitting knives are specially designed for high speed paper slit job, its 6 sets Pneumatic circle knife, Maxcess Tidland USA brand included. Upper blade 150mm

diameter, down knife 200mm.

5. Equipped with Paper Edge Waste suction device: collect slit paper edge,and transfer it to a certain place,for easier cleaning.
6. After slitting and rewinding, there is hydraulic download system for rewind rolls to load it to near ground level.
4. Electrical equipment unit:
1. Main motor inverter adopts 2 pcs inverter.
2. Main motor adopts 2 pcs vector motor.
3. EPC adopts analog control. Drived by servo motor through ultrasonic sensor.

4. Adopts imported PLC to achieve accurate and stable control, true color touch screen display to enable simple and beautiful images. Interactive parameter

setting the environment, eliminating the complicated configuration can start the job: The user pre-start only need to input the material thickness, width, density,

diameter and speed parameters, the next will be done automatically by a computer calculation to complete.

5. With the functions of automatic and manual acceleration and deceleration.

Main Technical Parameter

Jumbo roll width


Dia. of paper core for unwinder


Diameter of Unwinder roll


Max. Jumbo roll weight


Paper thickness range


Diameter of rewinding


Dia.of paper core for reiwnder


Slitting speed


Tolerance of EPC


Min.width of produce




Power supply


Total power


Machine dimension


Machine detail pictures:

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