Digital Inkjet Printing Press

Digital Inkjet Printing Press

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The machine system runs stably, and can accurately print text, date, numbers, graphics, various bar codes and two-dimensional codes. It is widely used in variable data printing of self-adhesive labels, bills, forms, packaging printed matter and promotional materials.

Printing technology

Single PASSUV ink-jet technology, DODtechnical-grade nozzle and 4-grade grade scale

Input gas supply

0.6-0.8 Mp


DPI 600x600dpi or 600x1200dpi

DPI/rate 1200 dpi 25m/min, 2400 dpi 12. 5m/min

Input power

Three-phase 380VAC 50/60HZ 10KW.

Printing speed/ min(max)

50 m/min

Accepted file format

PDF, JPEG, BMP and other common file formats


Coated or non-coated paper, transparent or nontransparent medium

Computer hardware

Main board with HTS-PRIME Z370-A ; graphics card with HTS-GTX1070-08G.

Roll diameter of charging or discharging

Maximum diameter: 650 mm

Thickness of printing stock

Roll materials in 0. 01~0. 8mm.

Width of paper deeding

250mm, 350mm

Image processor

RIP bundle, and synchronous printing and RIP for big data files are supported, saving RIP time.

Printing width

220mm, 330mm

Drying mode

Composed of 4 sets of LEDs and a set of 5KW UV lamps and equipped with water-cooled roller toensure that the material does not deform duringfinal curing and may dry heat-deformablematerials including PVC.PET aluminum foil.


Cured UV printing ink

Color cell of printing

Four-color & white ink

Temperature range


Machine size (LXWXH)

4510mmx2410mmx 2680 mm

Storage temparure for ink


Machine weigh

3.2 tuns approimately

Humidty range


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