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Operation principle of paper tube machine under different control systems

  • Publish Time: 2020-01-09
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        Paper tube machine, as its name implies, is the machine and equipment for producing paper tube. The paper tube produced is used in various industries, chemical fiber industry tube, film industry tube, printing industry tube, paper industry tube, leather industry tube, food. Packaging tube, construction industry tube, exhibition industry tube, etc. There are also many types of paper tube machines. The most common paper tube machines are spiral paper tube machines and roll paper tube machines.

         From the perspective of the working mode of the paper tube machine, in the relay control circuit, when the power is turned on, all the relays in the circuit are in a restricted state, that is, the pull-in relays are closed at the same time, and the relays that should not Certain conditions cannot be combined. This kind of working method is called parallel working method. The PLC's user program is executed in a cyclic order. Therefore, each soft relay is in a cyclic scan. The sequence of each relay subject to the same condition is determined by the program scan sequence. This working method is called serial. Way of working. 2. From the control method of the paper tube machine, the control logic of the electrical control system uses hardware wiring, and the control logic of the relay mechanical contacts is connected in series or parallel. The PLC uses computer technology, and its control logic is stored in the memory as a program. To change the control logic, you only need to change the program, so it is easy to change or add system functions.

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