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Processing technology of paper tube machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-01-09
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        Preparation for paper tube machine production, such as paper tube machine product design and test research, process equipment design and manufacturing, various production materials and production organization, etc. Preparation work for paper tube machine part blanks, such as casting , Forging and stamping, etc .; various processes of paper tube machine parts, such as machining, welding, heat treatment and surface treatment.

        Paper tube machine can be used for flocking after diluted with water. Sticky-mounted paper tubes, cartons, and cartons dry quickly and have high hardness. The finished product does not degumme, run away, do not collapse, do not foam, do not soften, absorb moisture, and do not yellow. Applications: Can be used for high-strength paper tubes, paper drums, corrugated paper production lines, single-sided corrugated paperboard bonding, color bonding of high-speed fully automatic, semi-automatic surface bonding machines, honeycomb paperboard splicing, tissue composite, high-end cardboard boxes Carton adhesive molding.

Paper tube machine industry develops steadily
Operation principle of paper tube machine under different control systems