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Six matters needing attention in the operation of paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-03
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        Paper bag machines are mainly used to produce paper packaging bags and are widely used in many industries. When the paper bag machine is running, we need to pay attention to many things. In short, it is enough to ensure that the products produced meet the standards. If the exhaust is not clean during the operation of the paper bag machine, it needs to be compacted immediately.
         1. Keep the unloading and dragging materials stable. The unloading swing roller should not be too high or too low, and the dragging should not be too loose or too tight. These conditions will cause the material to produce radial jitter during operation, leading to inaccurate tracking of the photoelectric eye of the front and rear and discharging color codes, and the bag length will be incorrect. It will also cause the bag length to be stretched. Adjust the air pressure of the discharge pressure roller.
        2. The temperature setting is suitable. If the temperature is too high, the product will wrinkle and affect the photoelectric tracking, which may increase the photoelectric sensitivity when the bag length is different. After the temperature stabilizes, reduce the sensitivity to prevent tracking failure. Choose the right temperature according to different products (material properties, thickness and packaged products). The pressure gap of the hot knife should generally be about 1.5 mm, especially when the hot knife gap is required to be too large during high-speed operation, otherwise the stability of the dragging material will be affected. If the sealing width is too large and the gap cannot be reduced, the only solution is to reduce the feed ratio in the computer or speed up the drawing speed. This is an effective method when the bag length is long and the bag length does not reach the set bag length when the double delivery is not used.
        3. Adjust the product to run in the middle of the pressure roller. Adjust the balance of the left and right gaps of the pressure roller. Remove the remaining garbage, dirt and edge material on the rubber roller in time to ensure that the left and right gaps of the entire pressure roller are consistent. In this way, it can avoid the situation that the dragging material swings unsteadily due to the improper adjustment of the rubber roller air pressure and the long-term unbalanced wear of the rubber roller.
        4. The material produces abnormal noise during operation. First, the problem of the mechanical part needs to be eliminated. Then you need to observe whether the noise generated after acceleration will appear in: the ironing knife is too low or the ironing cloth is rolled up too loose There is plastic The mud pulling speed is set too low. The tension between the two rubber rollers is too small. The unwinding tension is too large. The improper setting of the pulling motor speed will cause the motor load and the speed of the main machine to not match the phenomenon. At this moment, the motor load will increase and the inertia during start and stop will cause noise.
        5. Keep the height of the hot knife in the same straight line when the material passes on the same horizontal line. Balance the pressure of the bottom seal hot knife and the height of the bottom hot knife. Keep the pressure of multiple hot knives on both sides. If the heights of multiple lower ironing knives are equal and the side seals remain the same, the different heights will cause the material to swing from side to side and the width of the sealing and welding will have a great impact on the flatness of the bag.
        6. The exhaust of the material during operation is not clean. The residual air in the material will cause the overall deformation of the bag and affect the normal operation of the material. There will be a certain noise. It is necessary to properly compress the relevant layering. The side seal ironing cloth should not cause additional resistance due to adhesion between the material and the ironing knife.

        Special attention is that the paper bag machine must be in accordance with the requirements of the product customer as the production standard of the product. The customer puts forward reasonable suggestions for the product quality requirements of the product. The adjustment must first be part of the local computer, bottom seal, side seal, and discharge part; Knife pressure roller, unwinding tension photoelectric sensitivity.

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