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Production process of paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-03
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All the paper bags used in our lives are produced by paper bag machines. The production process of paper bag machines is more complicated, but it is a fully automated machine, so it does not require manpower. However, there are many details that the staff need to pay attention to during the production process of the paper bag machine, so as to ensure the high quality of the paper bags produced.
So what are the problems in the development of my country's paper bag machine industry? The main problem in the development of my country's paper bag machine industry is the fragmented product structure. From the perspective of product structure, my country's paper bag machine has a small number of varieties, lacks high precision and large products, and cannot meet market demand. The product quality gap is manifested in poor product performance stability and reliability, unsightly appearance, rough surface treatment, poor quality of many components, short life span, and low reliability, which affects the overall product quality; from the perspective of enterprise conditions, domestic paper bag machines The industry lacks leading companies, and there are not many companies with large-scale production and high-grade products; from the perspective of product development, my country is basically still in the imitation stage, with weak self-development capabilities, and scientific research funding only accounts for 1% of sales, while foreign countries are as high as 8%. —10%. Generally speaking, compared with international advanced products, my country's paper bag machine is at a disadvantage in the competition of product development, performance, quality, reliability, and service.
Now we are going to talk about the reasons for these problems. The first is the lack of macro-control. Because the paper bag machine company has a low starting point, "innate insufficiency" and cross-sectoral, there are problems in overall planning and macro guidance. It is difficult to invest and develop new products. Aspects are often rushed, and there is a disorderly competition of low-level repetition. There is also a lack of capital investment, which is also a common feature of the machinery industry. It is difficult to attract a large amount of capital investment, and it is difficult to carry out a large amount of technological transformation. Due to insufficient funds, the company's investment in research and development accounted for less than 1% of the average sales, and it was impossible to produce one generation, one development, and one research. Due to the lack of technical reserves, the inability to introduce technology and digestion and absorption has resulted in fewer new products and lack of competitiveness.
In addition, the lack of professional and technical personnel is also a problem. Because the paper bag machine industry is not profitable and it is difficult to attract excellent technical personnel, the talent team is uneven, independent product development and innovation capabilities are weak, and even the ability to absorb similar foreign products is weak. , Resulting in a consistent system for many years.

Due to the fragmented situation in my country's paper bag machine industry, the structure of the industry is facing adjustment. From the above analysis of several factors that caused this situation, we can see that the entire paper bag machine industry has the following risks in credit investment: the paper bag machine industry has serious repetitive production problems, and the low entry barrier and insufficient control measures are caused by The cause of this problem. For the paper bag machine industry, the future may face national macro-control, and new projects will be subject to certain restrictions. It is believed that with my country's protection of intellectual property rights and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for products, my country's paper bag machine equipment industry will usher in a period of rapid development.

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