Silk Screen Label Printing Machine

Silk Screen Label Printing Machine

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1) Separate screen structure

The screen frame can be separated from the transmission part and pulled out, which is convenient for adjusting the registration and feeding; at the same time, the cleaning of the drum and the screen is safer and faster; the electric eye automatic detection system ensures the reliability of the action and avoids the frame break or the main drive damage ;

2) Ultra-precision pneumatic scraper system

The heavy-duty precision squeegee system uses a variety of advanced technologies, such as electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, machinery, and fiber optics. The knife pressure can be preset to control the knife position. Once the squeegee pressure is calibrated, it will remain constant to ensure precise control of the ink layer. Thickness to ensure perfect and consistent printing;

3) Screen compensation device

Automatically compensate for printing length shrinkage and extension.

4) Nylon frame

The synchronous movement of the screen and the drum is driven by nylon racks and steel gears to ensure that the gears and racks have no vacancies and vibrations. It can also ensure accurate overprinting and low wear, and extend the service life of the equipment;



Paper Width


Screen Fame area


Max.Printing area


Max speed

4200 times/hour

Main Power

2.5 KW

Overall Diameter (L*W*H)



2200 KGS

Detail Images

Flat bed silk screen unit

Baking box , dryer for water base ink

Plate position adjustment by screw .

Silk screen head , air cylinder control working

feeder by servo driver

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