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What are the advantages of a paper tube cutter?

  • Publish Time: 2020-01-09
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Preparations before paper tube machine installation Before paper tube machine equipment is installed, we should do unpacking inspection, disassembly, cleaning and lubrication of the paper tube machine. Below I will briefly explain the steps to you: First, after unpacking inspection and disassembly of the paper tube machinery, you must first remove the applied rust preventive and internal iron filings, rust and dust accumulated during transportation and storage Filth. Then, after cleaning the inside and outside of the equipment, it should be lubricated (the lubricant must be tested and determined to meet the requirements). And the lubricating oil to be filled must be filtered, the added oil should reach the specified oil standard position, all lubricating parts and oil holes should be filled with lubricating oil. Finally, the machine can be installed after ensuring that the paper tube machine is cleaned and lubricated.
1. Strong versatility and high performance configuration.
2. It adopts PLC logic control system and touch screen man-machine interface operation.
3. The main motor uses a vector high-torque frequency converter to adjust the speed.
4. Photoelectric positioning meter length + computer meter length control, precise length cutting.
5, modular electrical layout design, use, maintenance and repair more convenient and scientific.
6, more convenient to use (such as automatic shutdown when the paper is broken).
7. Low noise transmission design.
8. Adopt independent stainless steel glue tank with double-sided gluing. Universal models,
9. Synchronous cutting of servo screw with uniform gap, suitable for the production of various kinds of paper tubes for tapes, webs, chemical fiber tubes, and packaging paper cans.

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