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Self-adhesive printing machine introduction and characteristics

  • Publish Time: 2019-06-14
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       Self-adhesive printing presses usually use screen printing. In recent years, due to the development of offset printing technology, self-adhesive printing presses also use a variety of combination printing processes such as letterpress, flexo, offset, screen, bronzing, etc. Difficult color performance is more stable and excellent. The so-called self-adhesive printing is simply to print the label, the advertising layout and the trademark on the special composite paper, and the composite paper is made of the good quality paper (back) coated with the self-adhesive glue and bonded to the surface. On the bottom paper. When used, as long as the bottom paper is removed, the self-adhesive paper printed with graphics can be directly attached to the product or other objects. Compared with ordinary printed matter, the finished product of the self-adhesive printing machine has the advantages of convenient tearing, strong viscosity, flexible use, wide adaptability, and convenient continuous multiple times of sticking, and is widely used in life. With the continuous expansion of the self-adhesive printing market, the market share of trademarks, stickers, signs and nameplates is increasing day by day, which also brings unlimited business opportunities for self-adhesive printing.
         Its self-adhesive printing machine performance characteristics:
         First, the oblique-back design, printing and die-cutting are gradually contacted during mechanical driving, so that the pressure can be averaged regardless of the large-area background or fine print.
        Second, the plate change adjustment is simple and easy, reducing the loss of the test material, and greatly reducing the production cost of the label.
       Third, the operation is easy, and the problem of shortage of printing technicians is solved.
       Fourth, the printing speed can be adjusted freely between 50-200 per minute and the perfect ink, printing and feeding system, and can print clear and eye-catching images.
      Fifth, the die-cutting is separated from the printing, and the alignment is easy.
      Sixth, the host automatically stops without paper.

      Seventh, the die-cutting seat can adjust the left and right, up and down, horizontal line angles, etc., the test machine is fast, safe and high, to ensure the safety of the machine.

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