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Market demand for paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2023-05-25
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What we want to see is that the food packaging industry of our country has developed very rapidly in recent years, so that this is that can be far more than other manufacturing industry. To be able to see is in the existing market according to the relevant experts speculate, we are to be able to in the future period in order to adapt to the rapid development of our food packaging industry needs. And in bag making, filling, sealing packaging machinery. We can see that at present, there are more than 100 domestic manufacturers producing such machinery, with an annual output of 15 million units. At the same time this requires the bag-making, filling, sealing and packaging machinery development trend for modular structure multi-column high-speed high stability transmission machinery simple, at the same time to see in our adaptive closed-loop control.
And is to be able in the recent 10 years, with the development of corrugated carton machinery industry in our country very fast, we should see is to be able to the product type development from corrugated cardboard line to printing slotted machine cardboard gluing machine corner cutting machine and other varieties series, and should be the future development direction first is high-speed complete equipment, It is also a complete set of equipment to be able to be medium and lightweight corrugated cardboard boxes.
We want to be able to see in the existing pulp molding processing equipment. Can be achieved in our paper tableware processing equipment present production scale is still quite small, we should see in it can see in the processing equipment price on the high side. We must see in the future pulp mold tableware processing machinery should reduce the cost of molding heating mold to improve the heating way we should see in the paper bag machine to increase production and other aspects of research.

To be able to take advantage of this situation, to be able to take advantage of existing product capabilities. By improving the performance of the product, it is possible to better make the paper bag opportunity to meet the market demand.

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