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The future development prospects of the paper bag machine industry

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-03
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        Paper bag machines are currently widely used in the packaging industry. Many commodities in our lives are packaged in paper bags. However, my country's current paper bag machine brands are not many, and many of the production parts are imported. Therefore, there is a gap with foreign countries in many aspects. So how can we change the status quo of this industry?
        Independence is to change the current domestic situation of over-reliance on imported machinery. Therefore, both independence and brand are indispensable. At present, the technical content of most paper bag machine products is reflected in processing technology and technical equipment. Process is the core and equipment is The key, and packaging equipment occupies a dominant position in the packaging process. Although the introduction of a large number of advanced equipment has greatly accelerated the development of my country's packaging industry and narrowed the gap between my country's packaging industry and developed countries, we cannot rely excessively on foreign high-end technology and technical equipment. Our packaging industry is always trying to change this status quo.
        In terms of technical performance, it is necessary to apply advanced technologies in other fields to packaging machinery, such as mechatronics technology, heat pipe technology, remote remote control technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, etc., to greatly improve product technical performance. A new period for improving development capabilities and creating independent brands.

        There is another reason, that is, foreign technology and equipment are expensive, and some small and medium-sized enterprises are unable to introduce them. This will affect the market supply. In the long run, we can only follow others and lose the right to speak and initiative in this industry. . Although my country's paper bag machine industry has achieved rapid development in the past two years, there have also been some low-level repetitive construction and imitation problems.

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