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Operation process of paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-02
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The role played by the paper bag machine in commodity packaging cannot be ignored, but I believe that everyone does not know the operation process of the paper bag machine very well. The operation process of the paper bag machine is not very complicated, we can make it work by operating the control system. The paper bag machine can produce many kinds of paper bags of different specifications, and the work efficiency is very high.
The machine can adapt to the range of paper, up to 230 bags per minute, or even higher speed, to help customers effectively increase unit production capacity and obtain more profits. With the horizontal bag feeding method, the bag storage device can store more packaging bags, which has lower requirements on the quality of the bags, and has a high rate of bag separation and bag loading. Adjusting the bag width is controlled by a motor. Press and hold the control button to adjust the width of each group of machine clips at the same time, which is easy to operate and save time.
Operation control system
The touch screen man-machine interface can be easily solved regardless of correction or fine-tuning. The alarm and operation status are displayed on the screen immediately for easy control.
Unwinding system
The loading and unloading of raw materials adopts pneumatic shaft clamping and hydraulic lifting structure. The unwinding adopts fully automatic constant tension control, EPC automatic correction, and variable frequency motor traction to greatly reduce the paper roll registration adjustment time.

Perfect after-sales service, eliminating customers' worries. Accurately track printed materials, greatly reduce machine adjustment and setting time, and improve production efficiency.

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