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The main features and process flow of kraft paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-02
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The application of kraft paper bags in our lives is very common. Compared with ordinary paper bags, kraft paper bags have more advantages. The main feature of the kraft paper bag machine is that it can automatically form, and it is widely used in many industries. The technological process of the kraft paper bag machine is not very complicated, and the production needs to go through eleven steps.
Performance use:

The multi-layer kraft paper tube making machine is designed to solve environmental pollution and comply with environmental protection. It is suitable for 70-140 grams of kraft paper rolls, and the finished products such as automatic forming and middle seam gluing according to the size required by the customer can be output at one time. It has a wide range of applications and is an ideal equipment for packaging grain, chemical, cement and other products. This machine is developed by the company after years of pioneering and innovation, absorbing Teflon tube advanced technology at home and abroad. It adopts automatic production line equipment integrating machine, electricity and gas.

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