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The development history of paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-02
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Most of the commodities we buy in our lives are packaged, and there are many types of packaging. Paper packaging is one of the most common packaging materials. The paper bag machine has a long history. my country has used paper packaging to package food or some commodities very early, so the paper bag machine has played a very important role in commodity packaging before. But with the development and changes of commodity packaging materials, paper bag machines have also been improved.

Speaking of the development of paper bag machines, it must be closely related to packaging materials and packaging technology. China’s ancestors invented papermaking first and started the precedent for paper packaging food. Looking at the global history of paper bag machines: 1852, the world The first paper bag machine was successfully developed by American Wally. Since then, the development of paper packaging machinery has begun; the United States began to produce liquid filling machines in 1890; gravity filling machines were produced in 1902; in the early 20th century, the British Durand uses metal containers to store food, and various canned foods appear; Germany produced the first fully automatic forming, filling and sealing machine in 1911; since the 1960s, new materials have gradually replaced traditional packaging materials, especially After plastic packaging materials, packaging machinery has undergone major changes. Nowadays, newer requirements have been put forward for the packaging of goods, and new standards have been set for the size and material of the packaging. The paper bag machine equipment has gradually moved from a single product in the past to an assembly line operation, and a series of such as: The quality and efficiency of paper bag machines have also been greatly improved.

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