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What are the performance characteristics of the roll paper square bottom paper bag machine

  • Publish Time: 2020-09-01
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The roll paper square bottom paper bag machine is to finish the original color or printed roll paper through edge coating, folding into a tube, paper tube cutting, bottom folding, bottom coating, bag bottom forming, and finished bag output in one time. The machine is controlled by a PC servo control system, touch screen man-machine interface real-time display, and can produce paper bags of various specifications. It has the advantages of fast speed, fast changing paper bag specifications, large adjustment range, etc. It is a production
The ideal first choice for food bags and shopping bags.
1. Touch screen man-machine interface, real-time display of working conditions.
2. Ultra-precision servo control system ensures stable and efficient operation of the machine.
3. Material loading and unloading adopts pneumatic lifting structure.
4. Fully automatic constant tension control system, the tension is not bad from beginning to end.
5. Double photoelectric sensor limit automatic correction control system, stable correction, energy saving and long life.
6. Thumb buckle, flat bottom cutting device, various bag making types.
7. Without stopping the wheel hub side clamp synchronous adjustment structure, adjusting the side clamp will become very simple and fast.
8. The anti-air coating control of the rubber roller prevents the glue from directly brushing the surface of the wheel hub and reduces unnecessary trouble.
9. Accurate color code tracking system, automatic shutdown for color code errors.

10. Automatic lubrication and oil supply system.

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